It’s only a few days to go before we close the year but we at ICOPicker are still buzzing with new and exciting updates. So, before we bring out the champagne and fireworks to welcome 2019, we’d like to let you in on what’s been going on and make sure that we all close the year on a high note.

Speaking of ending the year with a bang, our updated platform is going live just in time for the New Year’s. This version focuses on providing our users with a much better UX by showcasing the usability of the platform…

This is the news you all have been waiting for!

A bit of drum roll please…

First let us start with the ICOpicker website. Remember when we said that we are reworking our website’s UI and UX? Well, we are excited to share to you that we are already in the final stages of getting this done!

In a few days’ time, the updated (and definitely optimized for users) UI and UX will finally showcase what ICOpicker is really about — maximum performance and potential for all users.

Let me break it to you, the last twelve months’ have been fluctuating for ICO’s. We’ve seen two huge peaks but to be totally blunt, September has not been that much better. The total funds raised seem to have flat lined at around 1.5 Billion USD. Quite a steep drop considering there was a bit of a spike back in June. Just check out these stats below:

ICOs around the world | SEPTEMBER 2018
1. USA, 23 ICOs completed, $ 16.4M
2. Singapore, 14 ICOs completed, $82.7M
3. UK, 13 ICOs completed, $9M
4. Russia, 11 ICOs completed, $6.4M
5. Estonia, 10 ICOs completed, $26.4M…

Since our last update in August, our team has been super busy on a lot of things. And this means a lot of exciting news for us to share with you!

ICOpicker progress update October 2018

Remember when we told you in our last progress update that we have been doing testing of the pooling service we’re offering? Well, let me tell you guys that it was a smashing success in terms of the transactions that have been processed. In a very short period of time during testing, we have sent upwards to USD 100,000 all in all. …

ICOpicker journey

What a journey it was… it still is actually. And most certainly it's still just the very beginning of something tiny that cannot wait to grow big.

We want to take you into our journey that we have experienced in the last 7 months. We have documented the process through our previous blog posts. We have listed this for you below.

February 2018

March 2018

April 2018

June 2018

The past few months we have been working tirelessly and due to certain strict schedules, we are having a delayed but comprehensive update. You will be happy to know that during this period we did many tests and iterations in order to understand our user needs. One of them is that what we have developed the platform in a way that it now provides both advanced ICO reviews for the community and also an opportunity to engage with private sales deals of popular ICOs. As we believe that what we are developing should be perfect for your needs and requirements…

Before starting with the Moonlight ICO review, to put things into perspective, I would say that what is fascinating about Blockchain Technologies is that a lot of existing business processes and models and ideas can be redeveloped and restructured without doing much with the core concepts. That is to say that a number of similar ideas developed with the help of blockchain technology or otherwise which offer same features and functionality differ radically from each other for greater transparency, enhanced security, and hassle free transaction processing along with other advantages that can be attributed to the Blockchain technology in general…

Following the meteoric rise in prices of the popular cryptocurrencies in the year 2017, there has been a wave of ICOs and blockchain projects; some with lucrative returns and some which came and disappeared in thin air. Many scholars and experts have already declared ICOs as scams and those at the other end of the spectrum hold on to their belief that ICOs and cryptocurrencies are the future. There’s no denying that Blockchain technology has immense potentials and it will fairly revolutionize the financial world as it has already redefined the way we exchange money but will all these cryptocurrencies…


Groundbreaking mechanism that will redefine the ICO private sale/pooling investment processes

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